Quick– name the last ad banner you clicked on.  What about a banner you even noticed? If you’re like most people, the number is probably close to 0.  It’s not your fault, it’s the ads.

Instead of complaining about the sorry state of digital advertising, Copyboost is about what can be done to improve it.  And while this blog is for anyone interested, it’s primarily geared towards copywriters. Because the concepts for the ads start with them.

And what makes me qualified to opine on what’s going to save the industry from poor performing ads and jiggly fat graphics?  Partly, because that’s been one of my main job responsibilities as a creative director for a large display network and now at Project Optimize.  Another reason is that I really take metrics and trends into consideration.  Unlike many creatives, I don’t think great design and a great performance are mutually exclusive. I do know though if no one notices the ad, it’s not a good one no matter how cool it looks.   Still not convinced?  You can read more in my bio.

I’m always interested in hearing other points of views, questions, and comments.  So leave it on the blog or you can email directly.

Susan Kim/Creative Director


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