Tips for Selecting Photos

Although designers are primarily responsible for selecting the photos, as a copywriter you’re responsible for coming up with the concept.  And some concepts can be much stronger depending on the photo selected and how it’s cropped.  So while these tips are for designers, they can also be helpful when it comes to concepting an ad.

In an ideal world you could set up a photo shoot with your favorite photographer to get exactly the photos that you need to create the perfect banner.  Since we can’t do that right now, you’ll probably have to use stock photos.

How to Select the Right Photos

1. is a great place to start.

2. Stock photos should not obviously look like they came from a stock house.  Unless going for a humorous effect, avoid overly posed photos.

3.  Not finding what you want?  Try different different search words. i.e instead of friends try laughter/laughing

4. Don’t use dated looking photos — i.e. early 90’s— unless going for a retro look.

5.  If using a face (whether it’s a person or a kitten) focus on the eyes.

6. Cropping is your friend. Photos with too much background get lost.  Experiment with cropping as close as possible.  See below.

7.  Be your own photographer.   If there’s something specific you want that you can easily recreate, go ahead and snap it with your digital camera.

Same kitty picture, four totally different looks. Don’t be afraid to crop in closer.

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