What You Can Learn from Cosmo and Details

When you’re in the grocery store line or picking up something at the drugstore, have you noticed how easy it is to get sucked into reading the headlines on magazines like Cosmo and (to balance it out) Details? Sure, it’s hard to miss the big huge type on them, however, if you’re waiting more than a few seconds in line, don’t you just want to pick one of them up to find out What are the 5 Signs He’s about to Propose or The Jeans No Man Should Wear? That’s the feeling you want people to get when they look at your ad.

What Jeans Should No Man Wear?

Brian Clark from Copyblogger explains why magazines like these are fertile ground for getting inspiration for headlines. Although this resource is geared more towards bloggers, a good chunk of the information is applicable to digital copywriters and is one of the best sites for copywriter information. You can read both articles here:
Cosmo Headline Technique

Part 2: Details Headlines

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