Creative Process

At traditional ad agencies, copywriters and art directors sit in a room together, concept some ideas, discuss what an idiot the account exec is, figure out where they are going to lunch, and then concept a bit more.   Traditional freelance copywriters will charge either by the project or a day rate  And while these are perfectly OK ways to work, it’s not necessarily the best for digital advertising.
Problems with the traditional creative process

  1. The writers probably never find out how well their ideas performed.  No feedback beyond the client liked it.  And perhaps many months later a creative award.
  2. There’s no real correlation between how much time is spent concepting an online ad and how well it performs.  Spending several days on a concept is no guarantee it will do better than spending several minutes.
  3. If the copywriter comes up with a really successful idea or a really awful one, they get paid the same.  It’s not financially fair to the writer who came up with the much better performing ad.

At Project Optimize we believe that the ads are the most important part of an online advertising campaign and improving the ads creates a bigger impact on results than anything else.

So our model is based on:

  1. Creating and testing a lot of different banners.
  2. Learning from those tests and applying that to the next iterations.
  3. The copywriters and designers who concept and create the strongest performer should be compensated accordingly.

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