Example of Concepts

When it comes to concepts, you want to give the designers enough information so they understand the gist of what your idea is but not so much that you’re spelling out every detail right down to the exact font of the headline.

Filling out the headline is the easy part. How do you describe the visual? Start by describing the overall idea and then explain the important details.

Here are a few examples to help figure out that balance. (Note: Be sure to hit the refresh button to replay the ads)

Example 1 Example 2

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In example #1 What’s her real age?

Too little: Show a picture of a woman’s face.

Right amount: To show you can’t always tell how old someone is by appearance, show a picture of a young looking woman and next to her a special magnifying glass that reveals that she is actually much older. The user drags the special magnifying glass with their mouse over different parts of the woman’s face to reveal much older skin and wrinkles.

Too much: Describing hair color, just how thin her lips get, background color.

Call to Action on the Button: Take the RealAge Test
This is good because it’s clear and simple.

In example #2: What 50% Deal Is in the Box?

Too little:
Show a box with a bow on it.

Right amount: Underneath the headline is a subhead which says, “A spa facial? Sushi dinner? Pull the bow to find out.”  We see a beautifully gift wrapped box with a bow.  The ribbon hanging from the bow is waving back and forth indicating that’s the part of the bow the user needs to pull.  When the user presses the mouse down, they are able to drag the ribbon and pull it, which opens the gift wrapped box. After the box opens we see pictures of a woman getting a massage, and a nice looking dinner of sushi. When the user releases their click, that triggers the click-through to the landing page.

Too much: describing the color of gift box, what type of sushi

Call to Action on the Button: Get Today’s Deal
This is good because it’s short and direct.

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