Links to inspire and get you unstuck

Stuck for a headline? A concept?  Waiting on hold and need something interesting to read?

While we have a fair amount of resources and information, we know there’s a lot of other great stuff out there. So here are some of the links we check out regularly for advice and inspiration.

Websites that understand how to suck you in with great headlines and then waste 2 hours of your time

Have you noticed that on some websites you get sucked in by great headlines?  And then, many articles and photos of the latest celebrity shenanigans later, you’ve wasted your entire lunch hour and then some.  These websites very carefully track what gets clicked, what doesn’t, and are constantly working to up that click through rate.  Learn from them, grasshopper.  Here are some of the pros:

AOL Look at the front page stories (that rotate). Just try not to click on some of them.

Huffington Post Style/Sex section
OK, granted the subject is inherently more interesting than tax code details.  Still, they have headline that are as hard to resist as freshly popped  popcorn (with real butter)

The Business Insider While it may be relatively easy thinking up clickable headlines for celebrity dish, this site manages to make business in the online industry just as addicting to read.

Websites that offer great writing advice.

Copyblogger.    Althought it’s ostensibly about blogging, it’s really about  writing.  And there are lots of posts that apply to online ads and headlines.

Seth’s Godin’s Blog. Great writing and great practical advice about advertising, writing, and life.

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